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DJI and the Holiday Season

Posted by Eamonn Kelly on

     Welcome back hobby fans, this holiday season is looking to be one of the largest for Drones ever. Not only has the market been flooded with all kinds of toy multi rotors, but the big names like DJI and GoPro are both rushing to get out their newest products just before the shopping deadlines.


     First off we had GoPro finally announce the Karma Drone. It was definitely a contender with it's all in one package including Drone, GoPro camera, and a hand held gimbal starting at just $999. Even if you bought the DJI equivalent drone (Mavic or Phantom 4) and DJI hand held gimbal (Osmo), you'd be almost twice the price and without a waterproof action cam. Now this isn't to say that the GoPro Karma drone is better then the DJI Mavic because in my opinion it's not, but If it can just hit the market and have a half decent platform, I believe it would definitely find a place in the Drone world.

     Next we saw the announcement and release of the all new DJI Mavic. The smallest, fastest worth wild aerial photography multirotor to ever hit the market. The Mavic in general isn't anything we haven't seen before in reference to features and what it can do, but what really has the drone world going crazy is the size this little guy becomes when all folded up. No more huge hard cases or bulky backpacks. Check out a little more on what we think about the Mavic in our new video here:


       Lastly, just a couple days ago we saw DJI announce the new Phantom 4 Pro which now comes with its own monitor and has obstacle avoidance on all 4 sides and the new Inspire 2 which finally has obstacle avoidance, is now much faster, and can fly for almost 30 minutes. Add this to the ever growing class of race drones and toy drones and we are sure to see a holiday season like never before! 


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