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Welcome to 305Drones

Posted by Eamonn Kelly on

Hey Hobbyist and entrepreneurs, welcome to 305Drones, the best place to pick up a multi-rotor whether it be for Aerial Photography or just having fun. We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clientele and the amount of knowledge our technicians have acquired over the years. This first Blog post will introduce our Shop and then continue to check back for cool reviews, updates, and information.
305Drones was first created in CT Motorsports, a hobby shop located in Miami, Florida. We realized the potential the hobby had in commercial and recreational use and decided to pursue it with new name and mind set. It wasn't long before the industry exploded and 305Drones followed close behind.
The Drone department has grown several times and is now the focal point of our Retail location.
Meet our knowledgeable staff:
Eamonn Kelly - Drone Guy
Marion Ruadales - Sales Expert 
Lukas Tabon - RC Master Tech
Last but not least, owner of 305Drones, Jorge and Carol Tabush

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